IAM Members Awarded Union Plus Grants, Rebates

More than 30 IAM members are the latest recipients of Union Privilege/Union Plus grants and rebates.

The awards stem from programs like the Union Plus/Machinists Credit Card, the Union Plus Mortgage Program and the AT&T SmartPhone Discount, among others.

The AFL-CIO created Union Privilege in 1986 to provide union members and their families valuable, exclusive consumer benefits, discounts and services, brought about through the collective buying power of over 13 million union members. With Union Plus, union membership “pays” at work and at home.

The Union Plus/Machinists Credit Card is designed to meet the needs of hardworking IAM members and their families. IAM members can choose from three card options, all with competitive rates, U.S.-based customer service and more. Hardship grants for dealing with an illness or disability, hospital expenses, a strike or job loss is available for eligible cardholders.

The Union Plus Mortgage program can help with the purchase of a new home. Exclusive benefits include a $500 My Mortgage Gift award card, special hardship assistance and the opportunity to earn a $500 First-Time Homebuyer Award.

The Union Plus AT&T Wireless program provides a 15 percent discount and up to $200 in rebates to union members. AT&T is the only national unionized wireless provider.

Other programs include car rental discounts, auto insurance, life insurance, health savings programs and scholarships. For more on Union Plus benefits and programs, click here.

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