IAM Members Can Apply Now for Labor Studies Program

Registration for the first cohort of classes in the new IAM/Empire State College (ESC) Partnership is fast approaching. Applicants must have all materials in by August 14, 2015 to be considered for online classes beginning September 14, 2015.

The residency at the IAM’s Winpisinger Center in Hollywood, MD begins on September 20. Prior to registering for classes, IAM members must first apply for admission with Empire State College.

Any interested IAM member can apply at no cost by contacting Rhonda Rogers or Elaine Poland for information prior to the August 14 deadline. Participants do not have to wait to get their college transcripts in order to be accepted at Empire State College.  

The IAM/ESC Partnership allows member participants to combine classes at Empire State College with prior college learning, apprenticeship training, military training, classes taken at the Winpisinger Center, and life experience to earn an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Labor Studies. ESC and the IAM also have a partnership for a Master’s Degree in Labor Studies.

As with other classes held at the Winpisinger Center, there is no cost to IAM members for room and board or transportation to and from the residency week.

For additional information about the IAM/Empire State College Partnership Program and how to enroll, contact W3 Center Education Representative Rhonda Rogers at 301-373-8819.

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