IAM Members Complete Voting for Grand Lodge Officers, Final Count to Begin May 7

IAM members in Local Lodges in the United States and Canada have concluded voting for Grand Lodge Officers at their Lodge meetings in April. Counting of all ballots is set to begin on May 7, 2014 at IAM Headquarters in Upper Marlboro, MD. Offices up for election include International President, General Secretary-Treasurer and in the United States, eight General Vice Presidents.

The final tabulation of ballots from every Local Lodge vote will be performed under the direct supervision of Department of Labor (DOL) representatives. Observers for candidates, chosen in accordance with the IAM Constitution, will be allowed to watch the counting and tabulation of ballots.

The counting and tabulation of all votes is expected to take several days, and preliminary results could be available by May 10. Preliminary results will be announced by the IAM but are subject to final certification by the Department of Labor.

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