IAM Members Fly Union Flag at Cameron

Some of the 360 IAM members who work at Cameron company in Cheektowaga, NY display with pride the IAM flag that will fly outside their plant alongside the Cameron logo flag.

At many companies, IAM members make the products or do the work but the public doesn’t know. That won’t be the case for any visitor to the Cameron company facility in Cheektowaga, NY.

IAM members of Local Lodge 330 and District 65 worked for two years to get permission to fly the IAM flag alongside the Cameron logo flag. Now, visitors will know that the Cameron products are provided by proud IAM members.

The Buffalo facility is one of many Cameron plants responsible for Centrifugal compressor customer service, technical support and manufacturing. Cameron is a leading supplier to oil and gas producers, pipeline operators and refiners of equipment to measure and compress pressures and flows.

The flags flying together will be a major step forward for the 360 Local 330 IAM members and Cameron to forge a productive partnership in the future.

“The Cameron in-plant committee did a great job making this happen,” said District 65 Business Representative Pete Cooney. “The same dedication it took to accomplish this is the very same dedication and loyalty these members exhibit day-to-day to the IAM and the members.”

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