IAM Members in Pennsylvania Win $1.6 Million Settlement

IAM members employed by URS Federal Support Services at the Tobyhanna Army Depot in northeastern Pennsylvania won a landmark settlement thanks to grievances and subsequent arbitrations filed on their behalf by IAM District 1 Representatives.

As a result of layoffs in 2012, senior Electronic Technicians at Tobyhanna were laid off while the company retained junior employees in the same classification in violation of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

In 2013, after an arbitrator issued an award to IAM members, URS failed to abide by the legally binding decision, resulting in additional grievances, and an appeal by URS in U.S. District Court. IAM Representatives prevailed and reached a settlement with URS that provided back pay, training and testing for the members affected by the layoff. The IAM also received compensation on behalf of members for fees and costs incurred because of the appeal filed by URS.

“This is a perfect example of an employer, who in the absence of a legally binding contract, would willingly exploit their employees,” said IAM District 1 Directing Business Representative Danny Chmelko. “URS circumvented the CBA and continued to do so regardless of the arbitrator’s decision and award, to the point of seeking out the courts in an effort to ditch their negotiated obligations. The IAM stood fast in our commitment to our members, their hard fought, negotiated rights and this settlement reflects that.”

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