IAM Members on the Road to a College Degree

In their final stretch of the Bachelor’s Program at the National Labor College (NLC), IAM members take a much needed break from studying to gather for a group picture. From left to right, John Chapman, FL 2196; Michael Poch, LL 847; Marla Ryan, LL 873; Charlie Micallef, PhD, IAM Advisor; Karen Blanchard, LL 743; Charlotte Andreachi, LL 713; Vickie Cheek, LL 1833; Andriana Durand, LL 1932; and Richard Suarez, LL 1932.

IAM members continue to be a big part of the college degree program at the AFL-CIO National Labor College (NLC). Out of 36 students attending the Senior Block study this year, eight are IAM members. And out of the seven women in the group, five are Machinists.

One of the reasons for the strong participation by IAM members is the unique cooperative effort between the IAM’s William W. Winpisinger Center and the National Labor College. Most of the courses offered at the Winpisinger Center are accredited for college degree programs. The Center also allows IAM members to do a lot of the initial course work at the Winpisinger Center which reduces the program’s out-of-pocket costs for IAM members.

“This has been a great program and we get a good number of IAM members participating every year,” said Winpisinger Center Director Chris Wagoner. For more information on earning a college degree at the National Labor College, contact Instructor Charlie Micallef at 301-373-3300.

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