IAM Members Picket Lockheed World Headquarters

The IAM strike at Lockheed Martin facilities in Maryland, Texas and California grew this week to include an early morning picket line outside the defense contractors’ Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Company security guards paced nervously as passing cars honked their horns in support for the IAM members who carried their message of no more takeaways to the front door of the giant defense contractor. The Machinists from Lockheed’s Pax River facility were accompanied by members of the Seafarer’s Union and staff from the William W. Winpisinger Education Center in Southern Maryland.

IAM members of District 776 voted overwhelmingly to reject a contract offer from Lockheed that barred new hires from participating in the traditional defined benefit pension plan and called for switching a majority of Lockheed workers to a high-deductible, high-cost health care plan with no cap on annual out-of-pocket expenses.

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