IAM Members Seek Employee Assistance Professional Certification

Left to right, first row: Paul Shultz, James Drentkiewicz, Bryan Hutchinson (Instructor), Daniel Boissonneault, Leonard Ward, Rudy Ascuncion (Instructor), Al Abromitis (Instructor), Michelle Grimes Vincent Addeo, Chris Davis. Second row: Randy Klinckhardt, Jan Price (Instructor), Mark Sanderson, Shay Hill, Grace Goss, Kathy Ferguson, Ron Robinson. Third row: Harry Young, John Richardson, Jessee Holbrook. Not pictured: IAM Retirees and Member Services Director Carlos San Miguel and CEAP Program Coordinator Greg Murray.

Sixteen IAM members sat for a four-hour exam at the William W. Winpisinger Center in Southern Maryland in an effort to become certified employee assistance professionals.

The Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) credential is the only credential that represents the employee assistance profession and is recognized by Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), unions and employers worldwide. Gaining certification demonstrates mastery of the employee assistance practice, and validates these individuals as having met the established standards necessary for delivering the highest quality EAP services.

Numerous seasoned professionals, practitioners and field experts who have observed or played a role in training over the past several years claim that no other organization – unions, companies and government – are remotely close to the IAM where EAP training and education are concerned.

“The CEAP examination is the culmination of years of hard work dedicated to the design and development of comprehensive multi-level EAP training,” said Carlos San Miguel, Director of the IAM Retirees and Member Services Department. “What we are doing is unprecedented. The college-accredited EAP courses, among a host of other courses taught at the Winpisinger Center, exemplify how the IAM maintains its leading edge in addressing the important issues facing workers and their families in the 21st century.”

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