IAM Members Show Love to Foster Children

IAM members volunteer countless hours in their communities, providing much needed aid to those in need. One member, ExpressJet Flight Attendant Nancy Tucker from LL2339N, devotes much of her free time helping foster children.

Nancy’s desire to better the lives of these children led her to the Foster Care 2 Success (FC2S) Drive. She dedicates her time by knitting red scarves for foster children who turn 18 and are entering the world on their own. Each year, FC2S collects red scarves from September 1st-December 15th and distributes them to foster children in Valentine’s Day Care Packages. These scarves represent love, hard work and provide a hug when it is needed most.

To increase awareness, Nancy created a flyer urging her coworkers to knit their own “red scarf with love.” Her flyer was a success and many of her coworkers have joined the program. Word of the program even spread to many United Airlines Agents and IAM members in Houston, who have also become involved.

“It is no surprise that I continually hear stories about IAM members giving back to their communities,” said GVP Pantoja. “Nancy’s desire to support this cause and encourage other IAM members to become involved is the essence of what a union does.”

FC2S is the oldest and largest national nonprofit organization working solely with college bound foster youth.

If you are interested in learning more about FC2S, go to fc2success.org

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