IAM Members Support Striking Verizon Workers

NFFE-IAM Local 178 President Lisa Foust, left, and NFFE-IAM Business Representative Elizabeth Pittaluga deliver food and water for striking Verizon workers in Baltimore. Nearly 40,000 union members across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast walked off the job when Verizon proposed outsourcing and offshoring their jobs.

With nearly 40,000 Communications Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) members on strike at Verizon to protect their jobs from outsourcing, IAM members are finding ways to show support.

WATCH: Standing Strong with Verizon Workers

Angie Wells, a former IAM Flight Attendant who now works in Washington, DC as a labor organizer and strategist, joined the picket line and urges others to find a way to participate.

“I’m out here as a proud American. I’m here as a proud worker,” said Wells. “Corporate America has really gotten out of control. They’re not sharing in the out of control wealth and gains that they’ve been making.”

NFFE-IAM Local 178 members are showing support by joining picketers on the strike line in Baltimore and delivering four truckloads of food and water to striking members.

CWA and IBEW workers from Massachusetts to Virginia went on strike April 13 after 10 months of unsuccessful negotiations with Verizon. Rejected company proposals would have allowed it to reassign workers to new cities for months at a time, increase the number of call center jobs outsourced to countries like the Philippines and Mexico, and hire more nonunion contractors.

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