IAM Membership Grows in Puerto Rico

IAM membership nearly doubled in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico recently with the addition of 141 workers for Frito Lay/Pepsico.

The work force at Frito Lay has been searching for some time for a strong union to affiliate with. After several meetings and discussions with the IAM, the workers overwhelmingly selected the IAM. A union election, overseen by the Department of Labor of Puerto Rico, confirmed near-unanimous support for the IAM.

“ Puerto Rico has a strong labor movement,” said Local 2725 Organizer Jose ‘Lole’ Rodriguez-Baez.  “Many of the unions in Puerto Rico are looking for a strong U.S. international union to affiliate with. The IAM is a perfect fit.”

“I am impressed with the dedication of our members in Puerto Rico to the trade union movement,” said Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez.  “We have a longstanding commitment to increase the size of our membership in Puerto Rico, and this is just the beginning.”

Puerto Rico has been home to Local 2725 in San Juan since 1982. 

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