IAM Opens Bargaining with Air Canada and Aveos

The IAM commenced bargaining in Toronto on behalf of members at Air Canada and Aveos. Canadian General Vice-President Dave Ritchie is taking part in the talks from the outset.

“We are looking for gains in this entire process,” said Chuck Atkinson, IAM District 140 President and Directing General Chairperson. “That is our message and that is our intent and it applies to all IAM bargaining units at Air Canada and Aveos.”

“We’re looking ahead to the future and leaving behind what is past,” said Dave Ritchie, GVP of the IAM in Canada. “The Grand Lodge will provide whatever support is needed in these negotiations, and that includes me.”

This round of negotiations marks the first time all units, including TMOS, Clerical and Finance at Air Canada and Maintenance and Clerical at Aveos have participated in bargaining together.

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