IAM Partners with New Detroit Metals Manufacturing Institute

The IAM is proud to announce its participation as a labor partner in the White House’s newly announced $148 million Defense Department advanced manufacturing institute in Detroit.

The American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute (ALMMII), made up of a consortium of businesses, universities and other organizations, will pair the world’s leading aluminum, titanium and high-strength steel manufacturers with research pioneers in new technology development. The goal is to expand the U.S. market in lightweight and modern metal technology used in automobiles, wind turbines, commercial aircraft, automobiles, engines, ships, the rail industry and defense machinery and vehicles.

Led by technology innovator Edison Welding Institute out of Columbus, OH, in association with the University of Michigan and Ohio State University, the center is expected to bring 10,000 jobs to the Detroit area over the next five years.

Founding members say they are proud to partner with the IAM as well have the union serve as a member of the program’s Workforce Development Board.

“We recognized that a union partner is an important element for this proposed program and we believe that the International Association of Machinists is an excellent choice to become part of the partnership,” said Lawrence A. Molnar of the University of Michigan. “The IAM is a leader in the training and education of its members and has a strong, long track record of keeping members abreast of and skilled in the latest technologies, process, and production techniques.”

ALMMII is expected to open its doors in spring 2014.

The White House also announced a second manufacturing institute in Chicago. That center will focus on digital manufacturing and design technologies. A third institute in Raleigh, NC, was previously announced in January. The administration hopes to have a network of up to 45 manufacturing institutes across the country.

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