IAM Photo Series Rallies Opposition to Korean FTA

The IAM’s photo series unveiling the real truths behind the South Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) ramps up in the wake of the White House decision to submit the flawed trade deal to Congress.

America’s politicians are setting us “on a destruction course of the middle class” is how one person summed up the series featured as part of a targeted, informational FTA ad campaign on Facebook.

The five photos, also know as memes, explicitly depict what will happen to middle-class workers, small businesses, and the United States’ already stagnant economic recovery if lawmakers have their way with KORUS. One photo shows an American factory worker hard at work amidst the tagline: “Lose even more jobs? That’s so un-American.” Another shows a line of worn-out, beaten-down office chairs on “skid row,” symbolizing the disastrous effect KORUS will have on small businesses.

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