IAM, Rail Labor Push for Renomination of Labor-Friendly Railroad Retirement Board Member

The IAM Rail Division and a coalition of 13 rail labor unions are asking President Biden to renominate Jonathan D. Bragg to serve as the labor member of the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB).

The RRB administers retirement, unemployment, disability, and survivor benefits for millions of rail workers. Bragg, a dedicated rail worker and union member for more than two decades, has climbed the Brotherhood of Railway Signalmen (BRS) ranks as a local chairman, grand lodge representative, and national vice-president.

“Mr. Bragg has shown great leadership on the Board and successfully represented and advocated for rail workers during one of the most trying times in the rail industry,” wrote the rail labor coalition in its Nov. 13 letter to President Biden. “If granted a second term as RRB’s Labor Member, Mr. Bragg will continue bringing an invaluable level of experience, knowledge and understanding of the needs of rail workers, retirees, and their families who rely on the system.”

Bragg has served on the RRB for four years since his confirmation in early 2019.

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