IAM Responds to Crisis in Japan

The IAM is working closely with its alliance partner, the Japan Federation of Aviation Workers’ Unions (KOHKUREN) to provide information, advocacy and support for airline workers who could be impacted by the tragedy unfolding in Japan.

“Our first concern is the safety of Flight Attendants and ground workers who could face hazards associated with the earthquake and the damaged nuclear power plant,” said Transportation GVP Robert Roach, Jr. “The IAM met with KOHKUREN representatives this week in Washington, D.C. and relayed to the U.S. Department of Transportation the unique concerns of flight crews and other airline workers based in and flying through Japan.”

In addition to maintaining constant communications with Continental Airlines and continually assessing the situation, the IAM is assembling a team of volunteer Flight Attendants from Continental and United Airlines to travel to Japan to provide direct assistance and evaluate what additional support may be needed.

“We have expressed our members’ concerns to Continental management,” said District 142 President Tom Higginbotham. “Any Continental Flight Attendant who has concerns about flying through Narita should contact an IAM Representative immediately.”

Additionally, the IAM Disaster Relief Fund is available to assist members who have suffered losses from the earthquake. IAM Flight Attendants and any IAM Transportation Department members who suffer a loss due to the earthquake and its aftereffects should call the office of General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. at 301-967-4550.

“This is a humanitarian crisis of global proportions and we have a responsibility to respond without delay,” said Roach. “The IAM will continue doing everything possible to protect our members and future members.”

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