IAM Scores Kentucky Organizing Win

New IAM members at AllSource Global Management in Avon, KY stand tall after their recent organizing victory. Front row from left to right: Darrell Cosby, James Hager, Matt McNabb, Keith Conkright, Dustin Ham  Second row left to right: Spears Hager, Bobby Goodpasture, Harrison Anderson (Dupont Jacket),  Anthony Brandenburg Back row left to right: Matt Cox, Gary Hollon, Steve Taylor, Ronald Evans II, Randall Young, Chris Crouch, Matt Hepp

In the latest example of workers in the South turning to labor unions to protect their rights on the job, 219 workers at Allsource Global Management at the Bluegrass Station base in Avon, KY voted to join the IAM. They are Material Coordinators for the distribution of military equipment.

Concerns over health insurance costs, rights on the job and a voice in the workplace drove the push to unionize. Under the Service Contract Act, the only way to negotiate better pay and benefits is with a union contract.

“Our inside committee was excellent,” said District Lodge 27 Organizer Chris Bradley. “They investigated the truth about unions vs. what the company was saying. They could not get enough credit for this win.”

“The IAM is the premier Service Contract Union,” said Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez. “Congratulations to District 27 and welcome to our newest members in Kentucky.”

“After our win on Thursday,” said Bradley, “I got a lot of calls from the workers who said that when they got up on Friday, they felt good about going to their job for the first time in a long time.”

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