IAM Stands Ready to Help Earthquake Victims

The largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan, an 8.9 magnitude quake off the country’s east coast, has caused extensive damage in Japan and generated potentially damaging tsunamis across the Pacific and West Coasts of the United States and Canada.

“Our deep concern goes out to the people of Japan, especially those in the Japanese labor movement with whom we have a long history of friendship and cooperation,” said IAM International President R. Thomas Buffenbarger. “As potentially destructive tsunamis generated by the earthquake move across the Pacific, the IAM stands ready to help IAM members and communities that may be affected by this tragedy.”

The IAM represents Flight Attendants at Continental Micronesia in Guam, transportation and other industry workers in Hawaii and the West Coasts of the United States and Canada.

IAM members who suffer a loss caused by the disaster, or flight crews who encounter problems from the disruption of air travel, should contact their respective IAM representatives or Territory offices. Transportation members can contact General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr.’s office at 301-967-4550. Western Territory members in Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon or California can contact Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen’s office at 916-985-8101 and members in British Columbia can contact Canadian General Vice President Dave Ritchie’s office at 416-386-1789.

“The IAM Community Services Department is available to help members in need,” said the Department’s Director, Charlie Micallef. “As with Hurricane Katrina and other disasters, IAM members are always willing to help  in times of crisis.”

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