IAM Steps in to Help Laid-Off Woodworkers

The last piece of timber leaves the California Redwood Company’s Korbel, CA facility on January 29, 2015.

With the holidays on the minds of IAM members at the California Redwood Company (CRC) in Korbel, CA in early December 2014, the company issued a notice informing employees of the plant’s impending closure. The company is transitioning to Douglas fir lumber after more than 100 years of harvesting Redwood.

In response, a Trade Adjustment Assistance petition (TAA) was filed on behalf of 93 IAM workers at the California Redwood Company.

The IAM and the Seattle-based Green Diamond Resource Company, CRC’s parent company, are currently working out the details of severance and retraining programs for the displaced workers.

The California Redwood Company, according to a Green Diamond press release, will continue to process its remaining redwood log inventory and supply customers from existing redwood lumber inventories over the next few months while exiting the business.

“Despite our best efforts, CRC has not been able to achieve positive results for redwood lumber manufacturing and sales over the last several years,” said Company President Douglas Reed.

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