IAM Supports Goodyear Strikers

December 19, 2006 – IAM and other union members showed their support for the 15,000 United Steelworkers (USW) on strike against Goodyear Tire by rallying with the strikers at 150 Goodyear Tire locations throughout North America.

Despite huge profits, Goodyear refuses to back away from its contract demands that include shutting its third U.S. plant in four years and gutting retiree health care. Meanwhile, the company is importing tires from its plants overseas, including China, where its workers earn 42 cents an hour.

“They are literally stealing the money out of our retirees’ pockets. We will not let them rob our members of their dignity in their retirement years,” said USW President Leo Gerard. “As these giant corporations desert North American communities, the middle-class is dying a painful death, deprived of the dream of good jobs and retirement security,” said Gerard.

Goodyear workers in the U.S. and Canada went on strike October 5 after talks broke down. Negotiations between the USW and Goodyear are scheduled to resume this week.

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