IAM Supports KOHKUREN in ILO Complaint

This week, the IAM hosted the Japanese Federation of Aviation Workers’ Unions (KOHKUREN) at IAM Headquarters. The visit was part of the IAM’s continuing alliance with our Japanese brothers and sisters in the air transport industry.

During the meeting, KOHKUREN representatives explained the recently filed International Labour Organization (ILO) complaint concerning the bankruptcy-related dismissals of over 100 cabin attendants and cockpit crewmembers at Japan Air Lines.

“As North America’s largest airline union, the IAM continues to fight against all violations of fundamental human rights,” said Transportation GVP Robert Roach, Jr. “We are proud to stand with our brothers and sisters in Japan who are struggling to make certain that ILO Conventions protecting the right to freedom of association, collective bargaining, and prohibiting against discrimination are honored and enforced.”

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