IAM-UMass Graduate Degree Partnership Thrives

The new education partnership between the IAM and UMass-Amherst has recently yielded some very exciting results. Eight IAM members—Edward Delaporte, Bridget Fitzgerald, Mark Hollibush, Hazel Powers, Heather Ragle, Frank Saptel, Richard Suarez, and Gil Yap—just completed their first graduate-level session at the Amherst campus. Another IAM member, Karen Blanchard, who began the program in 2011, pushes the total number of IAM members attending to nine. According to a UMass spokesperson, the IAM is better represented, by a sizeable margin, than any other union in North America. These results are extraordinary considering the demands and commitment required for this level of study. This is also testament to the investment in which the IAMAW places on education and the professional advancement of its members.

“This partnership, the first of its kind, significantly expands educational opportunities for our members and future leaders,” said International President Tom Buffenbarger. “It sets the IAM apart as a leader in recognizing that education is a critical part of securing our future. The implementation of this new partnership ensures the long-term sustainability of our union.”

For more information the IAM / UMass graduate degree partnership, please contact Winpisinger Education Representative Greg Murray at gmurray@iamaw.org or simply call 301-373-8813.

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