In Southern Maryland, IAM Local 4 Veterans Home Caregivers find themselves as the only contact with the outside world for many of their residents.

WATCH: IAM Veterans Home Caregivers: ‘We’re Their Family Right Now’

“The demographic of the veterans home is high risk,” said Caregiver and IAM Local 4 shop steward Katina Mason. “It’s very important to us to make sure that the residents are safe, and free of what’s going on outside.”

New restrictions and procedures have arisen to keep the veterans safe from COVID-19, and caregivers find themselves playing increased roles in the lives of their residents.

“It’s different here because we’re not allowed to have any visitors, so the residents don’t have their family members coming, or friends,” said Caregiver and IAM Local 4 shop steward Bonna McCarthy. “That’s who we are to them too. We’re all they have at this point.”

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