IAM Voices Heard at DNC Platform Meeting

IAM International President Bob Martinez spoke passionately about issues affecting Machinists Union members and all workers at the Democratic Platform Meeting in Orlando, FL.

IAM members across the country had a seat at the table last week at the Democratic Party Platform meeting in Orlando, FL. IAM backed amendments will help advance issues that affect working families.

The Democratic Platform Committee sets the party’s agenda going into the 2016 election. With the help of the IAM and other unions, this year’s platform is being called the most progressive in the history of the Democratic National Committee.

IAM International President Bob Martinez spoke in support of an amendment offered by AFSCME President Lee Saunders that will set the highest possible standards for worker and environmental protections and significantly strengthen enforcement and accountability tools for trade deals. The amendment passed, 117 to 64.

“Trade agreements like TPP will cost our nation hundreds of thousands of jobs, if not millions,” said Martinez. “Let’s be clear, we are not opposed to trade, but we want fair trade, not free trade.”

Working into the early hours of the morning, delegates adopted amendments the IAM put forward on the Export-Import Bank, NASA funding and full employment.

“Unlike those that only pay lip-service to creating jobs, we mean what we say and we’ll put in place the programs that achieve this,” said Martinez. “This amendment makes clear our commitment to full employment and high paying jobs that will secure our economy well into the future.”

Watch Martinez testify on trade, the Export-Import Bank (Part I, Part II), NASA funding and full employment.

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