IAM Welcomes NMB Ruling for United/Continental Passenger Service

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) welcomed today’s National Mediation Board (NMB) single carrier ruling for Passenger Service and Reservation Employees at United Airlines, Continental Airlines and Continental Micronesia. The ruling follows the merger of the three airlines and is necessary before union representation issues can be resolved and integration of the pre-merger Passenger Service groups can occur. 

“The IAM is eager to bring the benefits of a secure union contract to all Passenger Service and Reservation Employees at the combined airline,” said General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr.

The NMB decision sets in motion a 14-day period during which the IAM will provide evidence of support for the NMB to call for a union representation election. The Board requires a “showing of interest” by at least 35 percent of the combined classification before an election will be scheduled. The NMB will set the time frame for an election after the fourteen days expires.

The IAM represents 9,400 United Airlines Passenger Service Employees, while 7,000 Continental Passenger Service Employees are currently unrepresented. Another 175 Continental Micronesia employees are currently represented by another union. 

More information about the IAM’s United Airlines Passenger Service Employee election is available at www.voteiam.com.

Passenger Service Single Carrier Ruling Information

• The National Mediation Board (NMB), an independent agency of the federal government that conducts union representation elections in the airline industry, needed to rule that a single carrier existed for the Passenger Service group before an election can be held.

• The IAM will provide evidence of sufficient interest for a representation election based on our membership numbers at United Airlines to the NMB within the 14-day period. 

• After the 14-day period, the NMB will announce that an election will take place.

• After the NMB orders an election, it will announce an election timeline and send voting instructions to each eligible Passenger Service Agent. Voting Instructions will be sent to the current address on file with your airline, so make sure it is up to date.

• There is no set timeline yet for a representation election.

• Votes can be cast in the election either by telephone or through an Internet website.
• Neither the airlines nor the IAM conducts the election. It is run by the federal government. All voting is done in secret. The company will never know how or if you voted unless you offer that information yourself. No employee is ever required to tell anyone how or if they voted.


A PDF of this information is available here.

The NMB Ruling is available here.

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