IAM Welcomes Plan for Manufacturing Institutes

The IAM declared it is squarely behind President Obama’s plan to fund the creation of a nationwide network of 15 high-tech manufacturing institutes.

“With phone calls, letters and personal visits, our members will urge lawmakers in every state to support the President’s plan to create these institutes without delay,” said IAM President Tom Buffenbarger. “We expect to be working closely with our allies in the business community, who understand that high-tech jobs will require workers with high-tech skills.”

President Obama recently provided new details of a $1 billion plan to create the institutes, which will include input from private industry, universities, community colleges and government. The president also announced a $45 million pilot program to demonstrate the need for, and value of, the new institutes.

“It’s not too late to overcome the past underinvestment in skills training that threatens future growth in the manufacturing sector,” said Buffenbarger. “The President’s plan will give U.S. workers a chance to be part of the manufacturing renaissance we’re all determined to create.”

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