IAM Welcomes Southwest Support Workers into Union

Approximately 100 Southwest Source of Support workers are the newest members of IAM District 142.

The IAM recently welcomed Southwest Airlines Source of Support (SOS) employees into the union after a majority of the work group signed authorization cards to join the IAM.

The IAM filed with the National Mediation Board (NMB) to recognize the group as part of the already unionized 5,000-plus Southwest Passenger Service Employee (PSE) class and craft of employees. PSE’s process passengers at the airport and handle customer reservations. SOS representatives provide support to PSE’s with customer reservation issues and provide specialized services to other groups.

The NMB agreed with the IAM’s position and accreted the SOS employees as part of the PSE group.

“On behalf of IAM District 142 and the entire IAM family, I would like to welcome the SOS group into our union family,” said IAM District 142 President Dave Supplee.

Approximately 100 SOS representatives are based at Southwest Airlines Headquarters in Dallas.

IAM District 142 will begin establishing contract terms for newly represented group.

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