IAM Western Territory Breaks New Ground in Organizing

The IAM welcomed 65 Military Family Life Counselors who won Union representation in three elections conducted by the NLRB on Friday in Colorado Springs, CO.

“Our internal committees stayed strong in the face a fierce company anti-union campaign,” said Western Territory Grand Lodge Representative Mark Ward who led the campaign. “The workers stayed together and never gave up on securing a brighter future for themselves and their families.”

Military Family Life Counselors, employed by Magellan, Mental Health Network, and Spectrum provide mental health counseling and therapy to our nation’s active duty military personnel. The new members initially sought union representation as a result of classification-wide pay cuts that saw some workers facing upwards of a $20,000 cut in pay.

“This is a satisfying win for those professionals who have dedicated their lives to the great work of helping our soldiers and their families,” commented Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “For us to get the opportunity to assist them in making their lives better is an honor. I sincerely hope more of their peers around the country will stand together to gain respect and dignity in the workplace.”

The campaign for Military Family Life Counselors in Colorado is part of a Union-wide coordinated effort to organize the thousands of Military Family Life Counselors that work on military installations throughout the country.

The nationwide campaign has secured authorization cards from over 23 states thus far and is growing each day! You can stay connected with this campaign at www.mflcunion.org.

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