IAM Western Territory Raffle Raises Over $100K for Convention

Nearly $125,000 was raised in support of the IAM 2020 Grand Lodge Convention through the 2020 Grand Lodge Convention gold raffle and the MAK Grill raffle. Winners were drawn last week at the IAM Staff Conference in San Diego.

“Congratulations to the winners. I thank all who participated in the raffles, and those that purchased clothing,” said Western Territory General Vice President Gary R. Allen. “It was an outstanding and impressive effort to ensure a great convention. We encourage all to participate in the forthcoming Gator raffle. Again on behalf of the Western Territory staff we thank you all for your continued generosity.”

John Stebbins of Carnation, WA won the grand prize of American Eagle gold coins valued at $20,000. Joseph Fancella of Arlington, WA won the second prize of American Eagle silver coins valued at $1,000 and Dennis Ingram of San Diego, CA won the third prize of a $500.

IAM Local 2949 in Tucson, AZ was the winner of the MAK Grill with a retail value over $2,800.

Fundraising is an essential part of preparing for the 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention to help offset the cost of the convention and ensure delegates have a welcoming experience.

You can help by entering the next raffle, which will be for a union-made John Deere Gator. Details will be posted on IAMGLC2020.com as soon as they are available.

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