IAM Wins Another FAA Contract Unit

The IAM won another victory in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) service field after a group of Remote Pilot Operators, known as Ghost Pilots, voted to join the growing family of FAA service contract employees. The Ghost Pilots are part of the FAA’s training function at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, OK. That function was contracted to Raytheon in September 2008, for $437 million over five years.

Ghost Pilots are the second major FAA contract unit to sign with the IAM in the past nine months. In April 2009, over 800 Flight Service Specialists, working for Lockheed Martin under the largest civilian service contract ever awarded, joined the IAM and ratified their first collective bargaining agreement in August 2009.

“Thanks to the hard work and resolve of the Ghost Pilot Organizing Team and the leadership of District 171 and Local 850, these workers will enjoy the many benefits of IAM representation,” said Grand Lodge Representative Steve Hantzis, who is coordinating FAA organizing. “By standing strong, Ghost Pilots have earned new respect for their job skills and an effective voice at work.”

More FAA contract units at Oklahoma City and other locations have taken note and are working hard to join the list of IAM-represented workplaces. With the Ghost Pilots’ victory, District 171 now represents five FAA contract units at the training center.

“Congratulations to everyone who made this campaign a success,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Robert Martinez, Jr. “That success will only build as each unit that joins the IAM adds to our strength and clout with the FAA and thus benefits all other units.”

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