IAM Wins Grant to Help Dislocated Workers

The IAM will share in a $1.4 million Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Technical Assistance and Outreach Partnership grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor to provide technical assistance and outreach to dislocated workers impacted by foreign trade.

IAM members in Wisconsin who have been dislocated will be the first to participate in this pilot program, which will then be made available to other states. The IAM is in partnership with the AFL-CIO’s Working for America Institute and the Washington State Labor Council.

According to the grant’s project description, “The partnership will develop, pilot and deliver a series of Trade Adjustment Assistance training and education modules to assist workers who are negatively impacted by foreign trade.” The goal is to ensure that all workers eligible for TAA assistance are provided the information and tools necessary to apply for, prepare for, and follow through with the TAA application process.

“By partnering with national organizations and labor groups with strong local ties,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis in announcing the grant, “we will provide needed outreach and support to workers displaced by trade. The grant is authorized by the American Recovery Act and Reinvestment of 2009. 

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