IAM Wins Key Decision at Leskovar Motors

When Leskovar Motors in Butte, Montana tried to unilaterally withdraw recognition of IAM Local 88 as the bargaining agent for all Leskovar Parts and Service Department Employees and engage in other improper activity against employees, the IAM responded by filing unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Grand Lodge Representative Mike Wardle, along with District W24 Business Representative Troy Buhl, conducted the investigation and presented the case to the NLRB. The NLRB upheld the IAM’s position and ordered Leskovar to bargain with the IAM and stop its improper conduct.

The IAM presented evidence that Leskovar had interrogated prospective Parts and Service Department employees about their support for union representation and even solicited written statements from the applicants expressing opposition to the union, a practice that has been prohibited since the Norris-LaGuardia Act of 1932.

The company also ceased making contributions to the IAM’s Health and Welfare and Pension plans, and unilaterally placed employees on a plan offered by the Montana Auto Dealers Association, along with several other changes, all without bargaining with the union.

The NLRB cited Leskovar with numerous violations and ordered the company to cease its interrogation of employees about union support, cease making unilateral changes to terms of the collective bargaining agreement and other conduct (click here for a complete list of the NLRB’s order). Further, the NLRB ordered Leskovar to make up any losses in pay or benefits that employees may have suffered by Leskovar’s unilateral changes and bargain in good faith with the IAM.

“No company is above the law, the blatant intimidation of citizens who are in need of a job is shameful and cannot be tolerated,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “I am very proud of Mike and Troy, and the workers who maintained their support of the IAM as we processed these violations of the laws of this nation, and the laws of decency. I hope that Leskovar Motors can move past their history and begin the process of negotiating a fair contract that will properly recognize the talent, effort and dedication of our members.”

“This has been a long process for the Parts and Service Department employees and hats off to all of the bargaining unit members at Leskovar Motors. They earned every sentence in this decision and now we will make every effort to get the company back to the bargaining table and reach a fair agreement for everyone,” said Wardle.

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