IAM Women Leading the Way

AFL-CIO Women’s Program Coordinator Sheva Diagne, center, discusses challenges facing working women. AFL-CIO Campus Engagement Coordinator Sara Walling, left, and IAM Communications Representative Tanya Hutchins, right, joined Diagne for a women’s history luncheon at IAM Headquarters.

The women of the IAM are a perfect example of how women can change the landscape of the labor movement and have an impact on the world around them.

WATCH: Women of the IAM

Because of the struggles women have seen in the past, Local 1759 member Adriana Picasso feels a sense of duty to take an active role in her union.

“Women have been oppressed for a long time, we must be a part of this process,” said Picasso.

Local 2339N member Eva Minguez feels the same responsibility.

“We fought for our rights for such a long time, and now we are at a point where we’re really getting our voice heard,” said Minguez. “We want to be out there giving voices to the other members. We are all looking for the same quality of life, better work rules and we want to represent you.”

The challenges and concerns of working women was recently revealed in the AFL-CIO’s National Survey Study of Working Women.

AFL-CIO Women’s Program Coordinator Sheva Diagne was the guest speaker at a women’s history luncheon presented by the IAM’s Women’s and Human Rights Department. She discussed the findings of the survey, which revealed that gender pay inequality is the greatest economic concern facing working women today. Diagne also talked about the importance of everyone playing a part in gender equality and how to be involved.

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