IAM Workers at Trane Win New Contract

Trane company workers of Local Lodge 1296 in Clarksville, TN are on the job after ratifying a contract Saturday after standing strong in negotiations. When Trane negotiators demanded a 12-month “probation” for newly-hired employees before they would get union contract protections and health insurance, the local went to the press and community to garner support for the Trane workers.

“Our top concern was to make sure that the jobs here at Trane remained good jobs that make people proud to be Trane employees,” said District 711 Business Representative Mike Lee, who led the negotiations. “We’re proud of our community standing behind us.”

The four-year deal included a $1,000 first-year bonus, a 20-cent per hour raise the first year, 40 cents per-hour more every year thereafter, and no raise in employee health care premium share for 2013 and 2014. The 950 IAM-represented Clarksville workers build heating and air conditioning systems.

“The Clarksville Trane facility is the lifeblood of a community like Clarksville,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Bob Martinez. “A strong IAM contract ensures the health of a community. I’m proud of the Local Lodge negotiating committee, and the stand they took for their community.”

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