Idaho and Montana AFL-CIO Delegates Endorse Council-FIRE

The state AFL-CIO conventions of Idaho and Montana have each passed a proclamation in support of Council-FIRE. The delegates overwhelmingly supported efforts to increase awareness of native issues, and to coordinate those efforts through the network of AFL-CIO contacts and native constituencies and community groups.

“Council-FIRE has been a wonderful overture to address the needs of native populations. Too often, the issues of those who were here first, are ignored – and we can change that through the network of contacts in the labor movement,” said Council-FIRE founder and Western Territory GLR Kevin Cummings. “We have an opportunity to make a difference, and when given that opportunity we must act. The acceptance from native leaders and activists, along with the support that continues to grow within labor shows great promise that we can educate the general public and increase a national focus on issues of the native population.”

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