IF Metall Leader Poised to Lead Sweden’s Social Democrats

The president of the powerful IF Metall union, Stefan Lofven, is poised to take over Sweden’s Social Democratic Party in a move that would elevate a highly-respected union representative to the top tier of Swedish national politics.

Lofven has led the powerful IF Metall union since 2005 when the federation was created through a merger of the Swedish Industrial Union and the Swedish Metalworkers’ Union (Metall). He received the backing of the Social Democratic Party’s executive committee after the current party leader, Håkan Juholt, stepped down. The party leadership is expected to make a formal decision this week.

“Stefan Lovan is a good friend and strong ally who has been an exceptional leader of the 355,000-member IF Metall,” said IAM President Tom Buffenbarger. “His understanding of workers’ concerns will bring valuable insights to frequently chaotic world of Swedish politics.”

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