iMail for Thursday August 2, 2007

IAM Calls for Fair Trade for Steel

Dan Lawwill, President and Directing Business Representative of IAM Local 1943, testified this week before the U.S. International Trade Commission  calling for more fairness in trade rules for the U.S. steel industry. The Commission is holding hearings to review antidumping protections against unfair steel imports from nearly a dozen countries including China and India. Nearly 2,000 members of Local 1943 work at AK Steel’s Middletown Works in Middletown, OH.

The Commission heard testimony from more than two dozen members of Congress and Senators and a host of business and labor leaders who urged continued remedies from unfair dumping of steel into the U.S market. In his testimony, Lawwill urged the Commission to protect the U.S. steel industry and jobs from unfair competition from China and other countries who continue to dump hot rolled steel into the U.S. Foreign producers “dump” steel products in the U.S when they sell below their cost of production or price in their home market.

“The IAM continues to fight hard for trade policies that will result in good jobs here at home,” said Lawwill. “With roughly three million jobs lost in the manufacturing sector in the past few years, we must do everything that we can to ensure that the steel industry does not lose more jobs to unfair trade. This is about keeping good jobs, jobs with good wages and benefits, here at home.”


Marshall Space Center Technicians Vote Unanimously for IAM

Twelve Calibration Technicians working for Engineering Research and Consulting (ERC) at the Marshall Space Flight Center on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL, knew what they wanted – a union contract. They voted 12-0 in favor of IAM representation.

“This is an awesome group of workers,” said Southern Territory Organizer Carlos San Miguel. “They stuck together like glue. They all signed the union petition together and met every week during the campaign. They were concerned about job security and benefits, and they want a pension. They only have a 401(k), and felt they needed more.” The workers will be part of District Lodge 75.


New Contract at Dominion Samples in Lachine, Quebec

Eighty members of IAM Local Lodge 1660 in Lachine, QC have ratified a new five-year agreement with Dominion Samples Ltee, securing wage increases of 4 percent in the first year, 3.5 percent the second year and 3 percent in years three through five.

The agreement also resulted in 10 members moving to a higher classification, third shift workers receiving a $.75/hour premium, five weeks vacation for members with 21 years or more seniority and the establishment of a new working relations committee to settle complaints and harassment issues.

IAM members working at Dominion Samples Ltee manufacture carpet, drapery and wallpaper samples for the Canadian home improvement market.

LCLAA to Host Latino Labor Leaders Summit

The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) has announced that their Latino Labor Leaders Policy Summit and Advocacy Day will be held September 30-October 2 at the Hilton Washington Hotel in Washington, DC.
The theme of this year’s Summit is “Transforming Mobilization into Political Action.” A series of policy roundtables will be featured, highlighting important legislative issues affecting Latino working families.

Delegates will also learn about LCLAA’s new plan – the LCLAA Democracy Initiative: A Community-Building, Leadership Development and Political Empowerment Project. To register online – and for hotel information – go to

“As we look towards the 2008 presidential elections, we must turn our voices and votes into positive results,” said LCLAA National President Milton Rosado. “This is your opportunity to forward the Latino agenda for better jobs, better pay and a better quality of life in America.”


District 66 Sponsors ‘Night at the Races’

District Lodge 66 in La Crosse, WI held their second “Machinists Union Night at the Races” at the La Crosse Area Speedway in West Salem. The lodge sponsors the race to help in organizing and to promote the IAM to more than 3,000 fans at the track.

Members and officers of the District passed out IAM organizing materials and key chains to all attendees. “What a great way to showcase the IAM and reach potential members,” said Midwest Territory GVP Phil Gruber. “Congratulations to District 66 for going the extra organizing mile at the race track.”


District 9 Continues Organizing Success

District Lodge 9 in Bridgeton, MO, with the help of Local 660 in East Alton, IL and Local 822 in Quincy, IL, are continuing their winning ways in growing the IAM, bringing 32 and 38 new members into those Local Lodges, respectively.

In Southern Illinois, the District recently organized the workers at YWCA in Alton, IL. These new Local 660 members work in adult daycare, child daycare, health and fitness, and recreation.

“These newest members endured an across-the-board assault on their wages and benefits,” said District 9 Organizer Mike Musgrove. “They provide a valuable service to the community and deserve the benefits of a District 9 contract.”

In Palmyra, MO, the Local 822 Organizing Committee teamed up with District 9 to capture an organizing victory at BE&K Industrial Services, where our new members perform industrial maintenance at the BASF Chemical facility.

“They are a solid group and are focused on getting what they deserve,” said Musgrove of the new Local 822 members. “They want a pension and are determined to get the guarantees a District 9 contract brings.”

“District 9 is becoming quite a force in Missouri and Southern Illinois,” said Midwest Territory General Vice President Phil Gruber. “DBR Roger Poole, Organizer Mike Musgrove and Business Representative Ross Miller are determined to grow this organization. Thanks, also, to Local 660 Organizers Dean Webb and Tim Young who are helping to build a better future for workers and their families in Southern Illinois, to the Local 822 Organizing Committee for their hard work and dedication and to Steve Demoss for bringing the lead forward.”

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