iMail for Tuesday, June 12,2007

Clock Ticking for General Electric

Nearly 2,400 IAM members in nine states are among 24,000 union members nationwide who are closely following the negotiations between General Electric Co. and the unions’ 13-member Coordinated Bargaining Committee. A so-called “last, best and final offer” from the company is expected before the current contracts expire at midnight on June 17.

L-3 Communications Workers in Utah Vote ‘Yes’ for IAM

Sixteen L-3 Communications employees working at Hill Air Force Base in Layton, UT and at the company’s location in Riverdale have voted to join the IAM. The new IAM members, employed as technicians, computer operators and warehouse specialists, will belong to Local 568 in Salt Lake City.

“We are very proud that when these workers needed help, they turned to the IAM,” said Western Territory GVP Lee Pearson. “Grand Lodge Representative Mike Wardle has the respect of workers in this area. He recently brought in a large group at Bechtel Bettis, and now this group at L-3 Comm.” This latest campaign began in April when the IAM was contacted by some of the workers.

“I didn’t do this alone,” said GLR Mike Wardle. “I had tremendous support from Local 568 President Richard Lee and Secretary-Treasurer Al Chacon, as well as in-plant committee members Andrew Ray and Tommy White. They put in the extra effort that was needed and own a big part of this victory.”

 Spanish Leadership Class Set for July 8-13

Spaces are still available in the Spanish Leadership I Program scheduled for July 8-13, 2007 at the William W. Winpisinger Center in Hollywood, Maryland. The Spanish Leadership I program covers the same subjects included in the regular Leadership I Program but with all classroom instruction and materials in Spanish.

Lodges are encouraged to take action as soon as possible to enroll members in this new program. The deadline for submitting completed enrollment forms for the July Spanish Leadership I program is Wednesday, June 27. Enrollments in the Spanish Leadership I program do not count against a lodge’s regular leadership program allotment.

Click here for the Spanish Leadership I enrollment form or contact Pam Kinney at 301-373-8820.

 Liderazgo Español I – Julio 8-13, 2007

Todavía existen vacantes para la clase de Liderazgo Español I que esta programada para Julio 8-13, 2007, en el Centro Educativo William W. Winpinsinger en Hollywood, Maryland.

El Programa de Liderazgo Español cubre los mismos temas y sujetos que son incluidos en la clase regular de Liderazgo en Ingles, solo que las clases son instruidas con materiales totalmente en español.

Se les pide a las logias que tomen acción lo mas pronto posible para que ingresen a sus miembros para este programa nuevo en Español. La fecha clave para someter sus solicitudes y para apuntarse para la Clase en Julio de Liderazgo I en Español es:

El Miércoles, 27 de junio, 2007.

Recuerden que las clases de Liderazgo Español I, no cuentan en contra de las Logias o los Distritos para la clase regulares de Ingles.

Marque aquí _ _ para la solicitud para la clase de Liderazgo Español I o por favor llame a Pam Kinney al 301-373-8820.

 IAM Expands YouTube Presence

The IAM’s Machinists News Network ( is expanding its presence on YouTube, the massive video sharing website. Now featuring the IAM’s latest 47 videos, the Machinists News Network on YouTube allows viewers to rate and comment on the latest news from the IAM.
A YouTube group has also been created on the channel so that users can gather around shared interests. More groups will be added in the future.

 Sharon Nave Named U.S. Sister of the Month

Sharon Nave is a 10-year veteran of Local 44 in Decatur, AL, and holds the honor of being the local’s Recording Secretary for nearly the entire time.

Employed as a Production Tech at United Launch Alliance’s rocket building facility in Decatur, Nave hails from an IAM family. She credits her father, a retired IAM member of Local 701 in Chicago, IL, as her main source of motivation and for teaching her to stand up for what’s right.

She says she’s grateful for the support and respect of her lodge sisters and brothers and for the encouragement from her husband, also an IAM member. Sharon encourages all members to become involved and for women wishing to follow in her footsteps, she advises, “Learn your IAM Constitution and stand up for what you believe in.”

Sharon is also active in the Alabama State Council. In her spare time she enjoys Harley rides with her husband of 27 years and spending time with her family.

 Deadline Nears for IAM Photo Contest

The deadline for the 2007 IAM Photo Contest is just around the corner. The last day for entries is June 15, 2007. Winning photographers will receive a cash prize and their photos will appear in the 2008 IAM calendar.

Click here ( for complete contest rules and entry forms.

 Machinists in Ontario Set Organizing Precedent

The second attempt in less than a year by the IAM to organize workers at Excel Technologies Limited in Milton, Ontario, established an Ontario Labour Board precedent in addition to winning bargaining rights for the workers at Excel.

“Earlier this year we were approached by some Excel employees who told us they wanted union representation because working conditions had become even worse than before,” explained Scott Jackson, District 78 Organizer. “When I told them Ontario Labour law prevented the union from mounting a new organizing drive for one year at that location, they informed us the plant had relocated to Milton during the past year. We decided to test the law.”

Despite the best efforts of the employer, District 78’s organizing team was successful in April 2007, with an overwhelming majority of the workers voting for IAM representation. The company immediately challenged the validity of the vote based on the one-year restrictions imposed by the results of a previous vote less than a year earlier.

At a hearing before the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB), the IAM contended that the vote was valid because the plant had moved since the last vote. In a precedent-setting decision, the OLRB agreed with the IAM.

“The bulk of these people have worked for years without permanent status and over one third of them are agency employees without benefits so they were determined to get union representation,” said Jackson. The 35 newest members of IAM District 78 package and warehouse metal fasteners for the retail hardware sector.


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