iMail for Tuesday October 4, 2005

Chicago Summit Takes Aim at Organizing

More than 900 district and local lodge presidents and organizing chairpersons from the U.S. and Canada are descending on Chicago this week to take part in a three-day organizing summit.

Designed to create battle plans for hundreds of organizing campaigns, the summit will use a computer hookup to allow delegates to simultaneously examine opportunities and obstacles encountered in past campaigns.

“Until now, our cumulative experience could not be tapped in real time,” explained Buffenbarger.

“This technology will allow the brightest minds in our organization to electronically swarm over problems and give everyone the benefit of the debate. We are determined to find solutions to the political and logistical challenges that have stymied organizing drives in the past.”

IAM Named to NWA Creditors Committee

The IAM will serve on the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in the Northwest Airlines bankruptcy case. A United States Trustee appointed the IAM to a seat on the eight-member committee made up of select Northwest Airlines creditors.

The purpose of the committee is to represent the interests of the class of unsecured creditors by monitoring the debtor’s operations during the bankruptcy case and by expressing its opinion as to the best means to achieve a successful reorganization.

Also appointed to the Committee are ALPA, Airbus, Bombardier, HSBC, Sky Chef, US Bank and GE.

US Airways Exits Bankruptcy

Now merged with America West Airlines, US Airways this week exited from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the second time in 30 months.

America West’s management team will dominate the combined carrier, with US Airways’ headquarters moving to Phoenix, Arizona, America West’s home town.

The IAM has filed a request with the National Mediation Board for a “single-carrier ruling.”

Once the NMB rules that the merged US Airways-America West Airlines are operating as a single carrier, the IAM will work with the other labor organizations and management to provide for a smooth transition into the IAM’s contracts for America West’s employees in the Mechanic & Related and Fleet Service classifications.

“The IAM’s position is that seniority should be integrated in a fair and equitable manner by an employee’s date of entry into the classification,” said General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr.

“It is in the best interests of Mechanic & Related and Fleet Service workers of both airlines to bring the benefits and protection of the IAM contracts to the America West employees as soon as possible.”

The NMB has not indicated when it may issue a ruling. IAM Representatives have already begun negotiating transition agreements.

IAM members can keep up-to-date on the US Airways-America West integration at

Last Chance for 2005 Communications Conference

The deadline to register for the 2005 Communications Conference has arrived. Members wishing to attend this important event should complete the attached registration form and return it immediately VIA FAX to the IAM Communications Dept. at 301-967-4586. This year’s conference will be held October 30-November 2 in Wichita, Kansas.

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