Approximately 150 IAM members gathered outside of Chicago at Hoffman Estates at the Bridges of Poplar Creek to play a round of golf to raise money for Guide Dogs of America-Tender Loving Canines. IAM Local 1487 hosted this fun-filled event for its locals and other members from around the country. Members traveled in as far as Hawaii, California, Texas, and New England to help contribute to the IAM’s charity of choice. It takes close to $60,000 to raise these specially trained animals.

“With the money, we will raise today, we will be able to provide a dog like Sheldon to a veteran with PTSD, a child who has autism, or somebody whose blind or visually impaired,” said Zack Gittlen, Guide Dogs of America and Tender Loving Canines Manager of Marketing and Development. “It’s really going to change and transform their lives”

WATCH: Chicago Local 1487 Joins Together to Support Guide Dogs

“This is the sixth successful outing that we’ve had and four of them have been sold out,” said Tony Licciardi, IAM Local 1487 President. “I can’t thank the members enough for showing up year after year.”

IAM Air Transport General Vice President Richie Johnsen and several Air Transport staff also attended to meet up with members for the tournament.

“It’s always fun to spend time talking to our members,” said Johnsen. “A lot of United Airlines members are here right now so lots of questions. It’s just a real feel-good day and we always can’t wait to come out and raise money for Guide Dogs Of America.”

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