IAM Automotive Holds Strategy Summit to Empower Tomorrow’s Workforce

IAM Automotive has taken a significant step towards shaping the future of the automotive industry by organizing a strategy summit aimed at empowering members and workers in this key industry.

The summit brought together more than 20 participants from across North America to discuss the latest trends and challenges faced by workers at top automotive companies and explore innovative strategies and solutions to address them.

The summit took place in Chicago and was hosted by IAM Automobile Mechanics Local 701.

“By providing our members with the necessary knowledge, resources, and support, the IAM Automotive Department is not only contributing to the growth and success of the industry but also ensuring that it remains competitive in North America,” said IAM Automotive Coordinator Craig Hughes.

During the educational and strategy sessions, panelists shared various methods for addressing workers’ issues in their workplaces, including bargaining and member mobilization.

“We at the IAM are always willing to work together and leverage our knowledge to enhance the experience of our current and future members,” said Resident General Vice President Jody Bennett. “The IAM Automotive Strategy Summit serves as a valuable means to strategize, champion, and safeguard the rights and respect of all workers involved in the automotive industry.”

“This event brought together an unmatched group of IAM leaders to address emerging trends, issues, and pathways to success in the automotive industry.” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Sam Cicinelli. “This industry, which I’m intimately familiar and passionate about, continues to call for cutting edge development of strategies in the ever-changing world of transportation. From electric, diesel, or gasoline power, the IAM will be ready to continue to lead the discussions as well as providing the necessary means to allow us to grow.”

IAM Automotive represents over 35,000 members from multiple industries, including generators and power systems, buses, trucking, vehicle delivery services, auto, truck, vehicle repair and dealerships.

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