IAM Canadian General Vice President David Chartrand, IAM Members Join the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge for Kids Diagnosed with Cancer

On May 26, 2023, IAM Canadian General Vice President David Chartrand and IAM members will join Local Lodge 712 member Alexandre Bourdon to raise money for an incredible cause, the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. The Challenge is a major fundraising campaign that raises money for clinical research for pediatric oncology and supports families with ongoing psychological and financial support. 

Bourdon, whose daughter, Laurence, has been in remission from cancer since last August, was supported by Leucan during her 26 weeks of treatment.

“Leucan supported us by helping us, paying for certain medications, offering us weekends off and many activities for the family,” said Bourdon. “Now, it’s our turn to give back. On May 26, I decided to take the shaved head challenge. For those interested in supporting my cause, the cause of sick children, you can click on the links provided below. Thank you to all the parents and children who must endure this ordeal.”

“Shaved Heads stand in solidarity with children who lose their hair while undergoing chemotherapy, and shaved heads have become a symbol of love and acceptance for all children fighting undergoing a terrible and deadly disease,” said GVP Chartrand. “Our fundraising goal is $22,500, which we hope to surpass. This is an ordeal many families have been through and one that no child should experience. I ask all Machinists to help us reach our goal.” 

Send a powerful message of hope to children affected by cancer by donating below to any of the members in the group called BOMBARDIER CHALLENGER AIMTA 712.

For David Chartrand

For Alexandre Bourdon

For Eric Goudreau

For Mathieu Lefebvre

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