IAM Organizes Nearly 600 New Members in Election Wins Across South

The IAM Southern Territory, joined by District Lodges across the South, have won five organizing campaigns totaling nearly 600 new Service Contract Act members in the last few months.

The new members perform critical functions at military bases for Amentum Services, Inc.

The organizing wins include:

  • 248 workers in Fort Campbell, Ky. Campaign ran by IAM Southern Territory Associate Organizers Inez Martinez and Joey Barnes, District 1888 Directing Business Representative Ernie Epps, District 1888 Organizer James Beamon, and team.
  • 176 workers in Fort Hood, Texas. Campaign ran by District 776 Organizer Chubbs McCrory and Southern Territory Grand Lodge Representative James Little.
  • 90 workers in Fort Bragg, N.C. Campaign ran by District 2020 Business Representative Charles Mann.
  • 48 workers in Portsmouth, Va. Campaign ran by Southern Territory Grand Lodge Representative Joe Greaser.
  • 31 workers in Fort Polk, La. Campaign ran by District W2021 Organizer Shawn Vanderjack, District W2021 Directing Business Representative Chuck Bennett, and team.

“Our Southern Territory team is laser focused on growing our union,” said IAM Southern Territory Grand Lodge Representative and Territorial Organizing Lead Ramon Garcia. “We are working across the territory to strategically grow our power in both strength and numbers.”

“Service Contract Act workers have a home in the IAM,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Rickey Wallace. “I’d like to thank everyone involved with the organizing victories for their steadfast dedication to winning these campaigns. We are by far the largest and strongest union for defense workers, and we look forward to negotiating strong contracts for our newest members across the South.”

“The Southern Territory is strategically targeting larger groups of workers that strengthen our power in core IAM industries,” said IAM Southern Territory Chief of Staff Craig Martin. “Our success is proving that this is the best way to continue to grow our union.”

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