IAM Organizing Department, NFFE-IAM Team Up to Organize 1,000 New Members

A strategic organizing initiative between the IAM Organizing Department and the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) has netted more than 1,000 new members within NFFE, Federal District 1, located across multiple states, agencies, and sectors, in the last year.

This impressive membership growth is the product of multiple organizing drives – some of them aimed at new units, others at increasing membership within existing units – that have been successfully executed over the last year. The initiative stretched across dozens of states and was achieved in industries including defense, healthcare, corrections, and forestry, just to name a few.

“The dedication and passion to this project by this team of organizers has been outstanding,” said IAM Organizing Director Vinny Addeo. “The Organizing Department will continue to dedicate resources to these worthy organizing efforts moving forward.”

The effort was led by IAM Organizing Department Grand Lodge Representative Juan Eldridge, with assistance from Organizing Department Special Representative Chris Casteel, Grand Lodge Representative Sonny Martinez, and multiple NFFE-IAM representatives from across the country.

“It’s been a pleasure working with the NFFE-IAM team and these skilled groups of professionals,” said Eldridge. “We’re honored to be a part of building our strength in the federal sector and related sectors giving these dedicated workers the respect they’ve earned.”

Since the 2022 Grand Lodge Convention, the IAM and NFFE-IAM partnership has resulted in organized more than 1,000 new members, but this successful collaboration is really just getting underway.

“The IAM is going to continue to devote record resources to growing our great union,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez, Jr. “Our recent success organizing federal workers is a testament to the commitment across the union to growing our power in both strength and numbers.”

“Federal workers across the nation continue to see the value in having the strength of NFFE-IAM by their side,” said NFFE-IAM National President Randy Erwin. “We’re so grateful to the IAM for continuing to lend its expertise and resources toward bringing our union to new heights.”

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