IAM Reaches Tentative Agreement at National Airlines

The IAM, North America’s largest air transport union, has reached its first tentative agreement with National Airlines. The tentative agreement calls for across-the-board pay raises, including two raises a year for the first nine years of employment for most Flight Attendants, with the first raise consisting of an increase to the current rate of pay ranging from 8% to 30% per hour, depending on years of service on the Date of Ratification (DOR). 

The IAM represents approximately 55 Flight Attendants at the Orlando, Florida-based Airline. The five-year tentative agreement includes.

  •      Job Security for the life of the agreement. 
  •      Decreased report time for deadhead flights. 

  •      Day Trading language. 

  •      Ability to select your position on the Aircraft in seniority order. 

  •      PTO accruals continue under many leaves of absence. 

  •      Uniforms increase to the initial uniform set, $200 yearly uniform allowance, $75 monthly cleaning reimbursement. $150 annual alteration reimbursement. 

  •      General improvements to hotel language: The company will recognize and work with a hotel committee composed of Flight Attendants to address issues with Hotels and find ways to improve hotel accommodations. 

  •      Jury Duty pay. 
  •      Pay scale that considers years of service with increases of 2% each year on DOR. 

  •      Increased biweekly guarantee to 30 hours, resulting in an extra month of paid time per year over the pre-agreement policy.  

  •      Guaranteed 150% premium for involuntary hours.

  •      Purser language and Purser differential increase to $7.50 per hour. 

  •      Maternity and Family leave improvements.

  •      Pass Travel: The company will work to secure pass travel on other airlines.

  •      Classroom and online training paid at 50%, additional pay for 

  •      Classroom training on days off.

  •      General improvements for transportation to hotels.

  •      Grievance procedure to resolve disputes.

  •      Safety Committee composed of Flight attendants to meet with the 

  •      Company and address safety concerns.

  •      Pay protection for up to a year for Flight Attendants injured onboard an aircraft.

  •      Scheduling Committee, composed of Flight Attendants, to help address scheduling issues. 

“These dedicated, hardworking IAM Flight Attendants at National Airlines have made their strength and voices heard,” said IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President Richie Johnsen. “The IAM continues negotiating agreements that make history for our members and raise the bar for all airline workers.”

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