IAM Tells Congress: Keep Two Submarines in U.S. Defense Budget

As U.S. representatives on Congress’s House Appropriations Committee work to finalize Department of Defense Appropriations legislation for Fiscal Year (FY) 2025, IAM International President Brian Bryant wrote a letter to the committee’s Chairman and Ranking Members urging prioritization and support of consistent funding for two Virginia-Class submarines per year in the FY 2025 budget and beyond.

“Consistent funding for two VA-class submarines per year is necessary to promote the long-term health of the domestic shipbuilding industrial base and the workforce on which it relies,” wrote Bryant. “This industry cannot thrive as a feast-or-famine endeavor. A clear market signal of consistent two-per-year funding is absolutely vital to maintain and grow the necessary highly skilled workforce and promote the industry partnerships needed to ensure success in efficient submarine production.”  

Thanks to the advocacy of the IAM, the largest defense union in the United States, and U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.), the House Armed Services Committee’s version of the fiscal 2025 National Defense Authorization Act included language for full funding for two Virginia-class submarines per year in the FY 2025 budget.

The IAM continues to be at the forefront of this issue, actively advocating for the procurement of two Virginia-class submarines per year in the final draft of the  National Defense Authorization Act and to guarantee that Congress appropriates the necessary funds through the Defense Appropriations Bill.  

“Furthermore, proper funding of this program will continue to have positive spillover effects which act to bolster and grow our industrial base throughout domestic shipbuilding and manufacturing industries as we as a nation look to rebuild the U.S. manufacturing sector across industries,” wrote Bryant.

Earlier this year, the IAM sent a letter to the Biden Administration urging for steady financial backing for the program, highlighting its significance in strengthening the U.S. shipbuilding industry and supporting a vast array of high-quality union jobs.

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