IAM’s Winpisinger Center Fosters International Solidarity by Hosting Inaugural Training Session for Mexican Organizers

Organizers from Mexico recently completed specialized organizing training at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, Md. The theme of the unique training, “Organizar para ganar poder – Organize to gain power,” will allow them to bring new skills and perspectives back to their home country. 

The program for organizers from the Solidarity Center in Mexico was facilitated in collaboration with the IAM Trade and Globalization Department. 

The Solidarity Center, affiliated with AFL-CIO, promotes and protects labor rights worldwide. It focuses on promoting democratic unions in Mexico and enforcing United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) provisions to safeguard workers and penalize companies violating labor rights.

The organizers hailing from diverse industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing, underwent rigorous training to suit the needs of their country’s rapidly evolving sectors.

“The IAM is committed to promoting global solidarity for our allies around the world,” said IAM Chief of Staff to the International President and Director of the Trade and Globalization Department Monica Lee Silbas. “Thanks to this training, participants now have the tools to build cross-border union cooperation and unity to continue advocating for economic fairness among all workers.”

The training included presentations, videos, interactive exercises, role-playing, communications strategy, and real-life experiences to teach participants practical techniques and tools for successful organizing campaigns.

“The programs organized by the Winpisinger Center are instrumental in building and bolstering our impact beyond borders,” said Winpisinger Center Director Mary McHugh. “These initiatives are creating a new generation of leaders who will advance workers’ rights and make the labor movement stronger.”

The participants led a Q&A session with the Solidarity Center about organizing in Mexico, discussing their ongoing struggles and outlook for the future.

View photos of the training here.

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