The Pennsylvania State Council of Machinists recently conducted its 78th annual convention in York, Pa. Over 120 delegates, officers, guests, and politicians, including IAM International President Brian Bryant, gathered to discuss issues that concern Pennsylvania IAM members and fellow Machinist members from around the country. 

Obie O’Brien, the president of the state council, was very pleased with the turnout, as this state council continues to grow bigger and larger every year due to the involvement of members who want better pro-labor representation in the halls of Harrisburg and Washington, DC.

Watch the video report here.

A highlight of the three-day conference was the presence of Pete Buttigieg, who delivered a powerful speech on behalf of the impactful Biden-Harris election campaign. His 20-minute address outlined President Biden’s pro-labor agenda and significant achievements, such as the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Buttigieg also announced the creation of nearly 15 million jobs over the past three years under the Biden Administration.

Pete Buttigieg praises Pennsylvania union members at Machinists convention Keystone Newsroom
Buttigieg meets with Pennsylvania Machinists Union Fox 43
Buttigieg brings Biden’s reelection message to union members in York WITF

As the 2024 November elections will soon be upon us, it is imperative that we educate the membership about who is supporting us on state and federal worker issues. This information on electing the pro-labor politicians will have a direct impact on our working conditions and rights that will help workers in the state.

Talking to the packed conference room, IAM National Political and Legislative Director Hasan Solomon addressed the delegates.

“Don’t you ever forget that the people in the statehouse in Harrisburg or Washington DC work for all of us,” said Solomon. “We can send them home if they don’t do the right thing!”

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