Members in Louisiana and Kentucky Secure First Contract with Amentum

The newest IAM members performing critical functions at military bases for Amentum Services, Inc. have successfully concluded their first contract negotiations with the service provider.

This first contract covers approximately 31 new IAM members at Fort Johnson in Leesville, Louisiana, and 248 new IAM members at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, all of whom play critical roles in supporting military bases under the Service Contract Act.

“I am so proud of the patience and dedication of our newest IAM members in Louisiana and Kentucky,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Rickey Wallace. “Their hard work to become members of our great union paved the way for these successful negotiations. This first contract is just the beginning of creating a better life for themselves and their families. Congratulations to our dedicated IAM staff who committed themselves to this successful outcome.”

The two groups operate under separate contracts, a testament to their unique circumstances and skillsets.

The Fort Campbell group was recently welcomed into IAM District 1888 following an organizing campaign led by IAM Southern Territory Associate Organizers Inez Martinez and Joey Barnes, District 1888 Directing Business Representative Ernie Epps, District 1888 Organizer James Beamon, along with their dedicated team.

IAM District 1888 Business Representative Billy Givens was pivotal in organizing the Fort Campbell members and successfully navigating their contract negotiations.

“First contracts with Service Contract Act employers really benefit the new members,” said Givens. “Because the wages of non-union workers are set and limited to the area wage determination of the government, unionizing is the only thing these workers can do to improve compensation and benefits.”

The recently organized members at Fort Johnson underwent an organizing campaign spearheaded by IAM District W2021 President and Directing Business Representative Chuck Bennett, District W2021 Organizer Shawn Vanderjack, and their team.

IAM District W2021 Business Representative Wade Istre took the lead in negotiating their contract.

“The members are pleased with their first contract; the ratification vote was unanimous,” said Istre. “They were very involved in preparations before going to the table, helpful through negotiations, and knowledgeable about their work site.”

“I set up an election for nominations and elections for their bargaining committee and chief shop steward while conducting bargaining surveys,” said Vanderjack. “The strategy was to treat them like a union before they were formally a union. We were meeting, coming up with contract proposals, and identifying issues like they already won the election. We had a lot of participation from this group.”

Members at both locations will enjoy a 10% general wage increase in the first year, an automatic 401(k) contribution, increased Health and Welfare money, and other positives.

“This is huge for both locations, and I hope a sign of more organizing in both areas to come,” said IAM Aerospace Coordinator Tony Wirth. “Both Billy and Wade did an excellent job negotiating these agreements and should be proud of what they were able to accomplish,” said Wirth. “Many thanks to Strategic Resources for the last-minute help with costing and bargaining preparations and to Educator Jeff McLeod for helping prepare both committees and going the extra mile to ensure they were really ready.”

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