Opponents of Freedom to Form Unions Spread Disinformation

Powerful corporate interests who oppose the Employee Free Choice Act and workers’ freedom to form unions and bargain are carrying out a campaign in state legislatures, hoping to wrench public opinion in their direction and spread misinformation about the Employee Free Choice Act.

They are hoping to get anti-majority sign-up initiatives on the ballot in at least five states—Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, Nevada and Utah. They’ve expanded their reach, however, investing big dollars to push anti-worker ballot initiatives in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina and Washington as well.

In addition, corporate front groups are pushing their state legislators to pass resolutions urging Congress not to pass the Employee Free Choice Act. This effort was defeated in at least one state so far—in Wyoming, where a resolution was defeated in a committee vote before it even hit the state House floor.

Read the story at the AFL-CIO blog here.

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